Using New Media To Expand Creative Expression

Excerpt From McNiff, (2011), Arts Heals - How Creativity Cures the Soul, p-242.

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Art Therapy Uses New Media to Heal

Direct Application of Art Therapy

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Brilliant Use of New Media - Short Film

Use of New Media - Short Film

SOLIPSIST is an experimental short film by Andrew Huang that recently won the Special Jury Prize atSlamdance 2012. This short film by Andrew explores the philosophical idea called solipsism. Solipsism, to summarize, is the concept that we can only be sure of what exists in our mind.


While researching material for my Empire State College assignment, I curated sources to demonstrate a brilliant point made by Author Shaun McNiff in her Art Heals - How Creativity Cures the Soul Book.  In her book she explores and encourages the use of new media to heal.  The videos on the left side of this page demonstrate the two critical uses.  

The first is the direct application which allows the Therapist to interact with the subject to engage in arts therapy sessions.  The brilliant approach to reaching younger audiences is precisely what McNiff clearly express in her writings about how new media brings immediacy and flexibility to the arts therapy process. 

The second video demonstrate McNiff's point on how to use new media to record the creative process and share distantly with others to inspire use of arts therapy not only for individuals but also among organizations dealing with patients or program participants suffering from depression or transitional issues.

The third video is thought provoking and a brilliant preview to what's yet to come.  McNiff' (2011)'s recommendations to embrace new media prove today her insights into the power of technology to impact the mind.  The representation of art, music, theater, dance and colors in this video demonstrate what author McNiff (2011) implied when she says that visual media has the power to desensitize people and introduce them to a different way of self confrontation.

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Use of New Media - Color Therapy

It is everywhere you look, and everywhere you don’t look. You delight in its marvels consciously and sub-consciously. You see color all the time, but how often do you think about its origins and effects? In a series of articles, we explore this topic further. In this first article, we’ll review some basics of color therapy and healing. You can read the next 2 articles here: 1) Color Meanings and 2) Color Psychology. You can also download our color meaning and symbolism charts.

Documentary of an Arts Therapy Project